New World Center Performance Hall

New World Center Performance Hall

Highly configurable and multimedia enabled, the performance hall garners international attention for its technical capabilities and acoustic integrity.

A flexible, uniquely shaped space that hosts presentations of all types, including general sessions and summits, concerts, theatrical events, live webcast presentations, broadcast productions, and Grammy-winning album recordings.

A myriad of distinctive seating and stage variations enable the performance hall at the New World Center to remove the boundaries of traditional presentation formats and minimize the distance between the audience and the stage. The New World Center‘s flat floor, full seat retraction configuration can accommodate up to 1200 with both fixed and floor seating, or 400 seated for dinner on the flat floor with retraction.

The attendee experience is further augmented with four ancillary performance platforms fixed at cardinal points in the hall; five architecturally significant projection sails floating overhead; fourteen 30,000 lumens projectors strategically positioned to create an immersive, near-360 degree panoramic video experience; conventional and moving lights for a custom lighting environment; partially retractable seating; temporary rigging points, chain motor system and hide-away flat projection screen (39’ x 16’) to round out the abundant production options. These elements can work independently or in-concert to create a unique multisensory environment.

The stage itself is comprised of 10 electro-mechanical lifts that can be operated independently or as a unit to assume the formation of traditional concert risers, be made flush with the audience floor for up to 2900 square feet of flat event floor (4900 with retracted seating) or other customized configurations.


The welcoming New World Center atrium features captivating architectural details—cascading geometric shapes, curved surfaces and a vaulted ceiling with six stories of natural light. The signature glass backlit bar is a focal point, attracting the eye from beneath an ocean-inspired titanium canopy designed by famed architect Frank Gehry.

Theatrical lighting capabilities allow the bar and atrium spaces to be custom-colored to meet client specifications. Video mapping and corporate logos can be projected onto multiple surfaces; multiple fixed 60-inch plasma screens provide branding opportunities or a program feed for onstage events.

A Grand Entrance
The New World Center atrium is an awe-inspiring event venue in Miami Beach, perfect for larger cocktail receptions, dinners and networking events.

The atrium can also be adorned appropriately to welcome visitors before entering the performance hall or the SunTrust Pavilion. It’s an excellent setup for events that include a live performance as part of the evening’s festivities.

The NWC team can easily transform the atrium area to suit the needs of your event for:

– Registration/check-in
– Red carpet entrance
– Pre-event mixer
– and more
– Rooftop Garden & Donor Lounge
-Rooftop Garden

A panoramic vista of Miami Beach from Biscayne Bay to the Atlantic Ocean makes the rooftop garden an ideal location for chic receptions, high-end dinners, private parties and intimate performances.

Projection of video or corporate logos on the outdoor “cube” and ornamental lighting of the garden can further augment your guest’s evening experience. Custom cut sun sails can be deployed overhead to provide shade for guest comfort during a beautiful brunch or luncheon.

Cultivating Culture with Nature
The New World Center’s rooftop garden is one of the most distinctive event venues available in Miami Beach, offering a window to the city’s natural beauty. Although the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a few blocks north, your guests can also enjoy a diverse collection of local and exotic plants on our rooftop along with a breathtaking view of the city. To the east, beautiful SoundScape Park sits just below, leading the eye toward the expansive Atlantic Ocean where on a clear night the moon rises from behind Miami Beach’s iconic Art Deco hotels.

Intimate and Expandable
Designed by Raymond Jungles with local indigenous flora, the gorgeous rooftop garden accommodates 250 guests standing or 160 seated. Several tree-topped planters with surrounding benches form nooks where lounge seating can create intimate spots for conversation.

Peruse the following floorplans to see how the space can be arranged, and contact the NWC team for a personal consultation.


Donor Lounge

The Jane and Gerald Katcher Donor Lounge is a flexible, intimate space that inspires creative conversation. With views of the adjacent rooftop garden, the Donor Lounge is perfect for executive retreats, conference breakout sessions, lunches, dinners and receptions and accommodates 100 seats theater-style, 80 for seated dinner, or 100 individuals standing.

The following seating chart gives an example of how the lounge can be set up.


Community of the Arts
Situated in the heart of a community passionate about the arts, the New World Center is home to the New World Symphony, a preeminent fellowship program training musicians for leadership roles in music worldwide. The New World Symphony is anchor to the surrounding Miami Beach arts institutions, including the world-renowned Miami City Ballet and Colony Theatre, home to Miami New Drama. Your guests will enjoy days of wonderful arts and culture as a complement to your destination event.
Rave Reviews

The relaxing, intimate atmosphere of the Rooftop Garden and Donor Lounge leave a lasting impression, as visitors often share.
“The Wallcasts are brilliant and the park is beautiful. The view of all of South Beach from the roof garden is equally beautiful. Well worth a visit!” – Elizabeth B.

“I adored appreciating the shape of the gardens and its acoustics…” – Camilo L.

Other Spaces
Additional spaces at the New World Center are available for larger events as support or break out rooms, meeting space for executives using virtual connectivity or as unique audio and video recording suites for artists seeking inspiration.

SunTrust Pavilion

An acoustically isolated 2,700 square foot room located within the atrium of the New World Center, the SunTrust Pavilion is well-equipped to host the most creative events.
A Space with Space

Designed to accommodate a full orchestra rehearsal or a recording session, the towering SunTrust Pavilion can easily accommodate corporate presentations, lectures, dinners and receptions, theater-style panel discussions and intimate artistic presentations of musical performances, film screenings and private gallery-style art shows.

With a wall of windows facing SoundScape Park, this multipurpose room can accommodate 250 standing, 160 guests seated for dinner or 170 individuals seated theater-style in rows.
Technically Sound

The Pavilion features projection, lighting, audio enhancement, recording, real-time web interaction and live webcasting capabilities. An elevated viewing platform with separate entrance can also be used as a technical gallery if desired.

Technical highlights include a 22’ by 9’ projection screen, 30,000 lumens projector, sound reinforcement and temporary rigging capabilities.

The Clinton Room

Located within the atrium lobby, the Martha and Bruce Clinton, Clinton Family Fund Ensemble Room is partially glass enclosed, inviting guests to witness musicians at work, view a premier sponsor’s products or lounge while people-watching. Fitted shades provide privacy to create a meeting or staging area while acoustical treatments preserve recording integrity. The Clinton Room is an excellent space for sponsor activation, press interviews, and small meetings with virtual participants.

Martha and Bruce Clinton, Clinton Family Fund Ensemble Room capacity is seated at rectangles for meetings, 20/standing 35.


Overlooking the atrium lobby and offering dramatic views of the New World Center’s signature Gehry architecture and Miami Beach Soundscape Park, the atrium terrace is a unique gathering space. At the behind-the-scenes intersection of the Knight New Media Center and the performance hall production command center, this lofty terrace hovers halfway up the atrium airspace offering a vantage point like no other in the facility.

The atrium terrace holds up to 100 standing and 40 seated in rounds.

Ensemble Rooms 3 and 4

Ensemble rooms 3 and 4 reside on the third floor across from the Knight New Media Center. Their fluid shapes combine to subtly suggest a blooming flower. Space outside these adjacent rooms can be used as a staging or guest waiting area. These adjacent meeting and recording suites enjoy a shared recess.

Ensemble room 3 accommodates 18.
Ensemble Room 4 accommodates up to 15.

Small practice rooms are available on the first floor for individual musicians to hone their craft. These practice rooms can also be used as staging or changing rooms depending on client needs.

Capacities subject to change based on event parameters.


SoundScape Park

Designed by the Dutch urban design & landscape architecture firm West 8, SoundScape Park is a 2.5-acre urban park in the cultural and civic heart of Miami Beach. Capturing the spirit and vitality of the city, it is a flexible, multi-use space adjacent to the New World Center. SoundScape Park serves as both an urban oasis and a gathering place for cultural and special events.

Landscape Harmony
When art and nature come together the way they do in Soundscape Park, you get something you’re unlikely to find at any of the other venues in Miami. The flowing lines of supports for running vines, combined with open spaces and shady stands of palm trees, gives the park a relaxing air. The mood is further enhanced when the

New World Symphony can be heard from the park, adding a classical soundtrack to moments of relaxation in a comforting bower of nature, deep in the heart of the city.

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